HDR projects 5 PRO is directed at photographers not content with everyday photography and who those want to distance themselves from the mainstream. HDR projects 5 PRO  reduces the amount of time on set and provides new and innovative possibilities for transforming your photographs into brilliant works of art—all this while choosing from an intelligently adaptive tool-set part of an efficient and transparent workflow. The fully equipped Professional-Toolbox from HDR projects 5  provides access to a collection of finely adjusted Presets on the left and a variety of Expert Filters on the right. Arrange your favorite tools however you’d like, now in 4K resolution.

  • Optimal image quality: clean HDR photos free of noise
  • Endless creativity: 103 Image recommendations now with HDR montages
  • Easy Operation: Standalone, Filter Plug-in, 4K Interface, GPS
  • NEW: Bracketing-Images with up to 55 single images
  • For Windows and Mac

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) is a high dynamic range (HDR) technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The aim is to present a similar range of luminance to that experienced through the human visual system. The human eye, through adaptation of the iris and other methods, adjusts constantly to adapt to a broad range of luminance present in the environment. The brain continuously interprets this information so that a viewer can see in a wide range of light conditions.


HDR projects 5 PRO offers you loads of freedom to make your photos even better, even photos you feel which or over- or even under exposed. HDR projects 5 PRO  has, compared to the previous versions, loads of new options like Smart Detail Enhancement; 4K support; selective drawing and more.

When you open HDR projects 5 PRO and import an image you’ll get a neat overview screen which on the left side shows you 155 presets to start with. Once you’ve chosen a preset you can start fine tuning your image on the right side. Here are your tools for fine tuning the final image.


Let’s give you some examples while using some of the presets:

1.For example: photos with Flamingo


birds before


birds after

2.For example: photos with Castle Neuschwanstein





The presets offer you standard several settings for natural, architecture, landscape and more. Below you find some examples taken from one original image.






As you can see HDR projects 5 PRO helps you start of in many different directions, the fine tuning options will help you finish your photo in any way you want.

RAW processing

HDR projects 5 PRO also let’s you do RAW processing even if your original photo is saved as a jpg file.


After playing around with these settings you can for instance get a result like this. Impress your friends with your painting skills!





But you can use HDR projects 5 PRO also to make images look more realistic, it is easy to bring the natural colors back. In this example we bring the colors of the rocks back.

Before :


After :



HDR projects 5 PRO is a powerful tool which will help every photographer (pro’s and others who take photography seriously), it’s intuitive and easy to work with. Your images will look better, it will give you great end results.
You have control over the complete process and you can adjust the settings whenever you want. The 155 presets are a good start (you can always make your own) and the overview screen invites you to tinker with your images. The noise reduction does a great job and even kills dead pixels.

HDR projects 5 PRO installs itself as a stand alone program but is also directly available in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher and Photoshop Elements 11-14. The learning curve is not that steep, at first glance it looks overwhelming but after playing around for an hour you get a feeling for it. Over 900 RAW camera formats are supported which will handle each format with it’s own settings.

HDR projects 5 PRO does a great job and is a great help, a good addition for those used to programs like Lightroom and Photoshop. The workflow is logical and you see the results (and previews of the presets) in real time.